Saturday, June 14, 2008

( Drawn sitting in Class ID when we had to go there to babysit the talibans who after realising it was a snake I was drawing hastened to enlighten me with snake trivia )

In the silence of the night,
The trees held their breath.
The moon was crescent.
The snakes aplenty.
Writhing, excited.

Little Madeleine walked in a daze
Mesmerised, in awe.
Little Madeleine shivered in anticipation
As she surveyed the sight in front of her
With bated breath.

There gleaming a shade more sinister
Than the moonlit water
Sat among rocks, snakes and silhouettes of leaves
The most beautiful thing she ever saw.
Shimmering, slithering.
Magnetic, devastating.
Chand ki rani.
Belle de nuit.

Little Madeleine squirmed.
As fevered fingers traced
The ups and downs of her face.
Little Madeleine wished
She had listened to Mommy
As a forked tongue explored her.