Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I’m suffering.
I’m intensely suffering.
If ‘intense’ is the word I want.
I’m suffering in earnest?
I’m…suffering so badly it would make you weak at the knees if I told you about it?
My suffering is poetic? It’s unbearable? It’s overwhelming. It’s unadulterated.
I’m suffering…unbearably? No.
I’m suffering intensely.

And in my intense, poetic, unadulterated, unbearable, overwhelming suffering, I turn a page to look for a solution to a Math problem, expecting a few lines covering the important points in a simple, effective way, and find a caption to each solution that does nothing to soothe the nerves.
‘A nice question.’
‘Not a difficult problem.’
‘A simple, but tricky question.’
‘A difficult unfamiliar question.’
‘An unfamiliar but manageable question.’
‘A school level question.’
‘A reasonable question.’